Andrey Nikiforov
Andrey Nikiforov

I’ve been creating software to help businesses remove inconveniences and improve their revenues for more that 25 years. My2Bytes, Inc. is a way to blend my personal expertise with the expertise of like-minded people and unite our efforts to better service clients.

I strongly believe that writing software and even «servicing clients» are not and cannot be the goal. My2Bytes, Inc. brings deep technology expertise and multi-industry experience to better help you shape your goal and identify a path to it. Such an approach brings you much more value than a simple client and server relationship.

While My2Bytes, Inc. is commercial corporation, and by definition has the finite goal of bringing profit to its owners, I place more emphasis on the joy that comes from delivering high quality work with each step taken. Making money then becomes a side-effect rather than My2Bytes’ main purpose.


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