Time Is Precious

We’ve heard that many times, yet we gain more insights into this simple phrase as we live though our lives.

As a business owner, what more valuable gift can you give your customers than respect and appreciation of their time?

Starting with the principle of appreciating customers’ time, My2Bytes has built a product to help small businesses save their customers’ time by offering them a fluent mobile ordering experience.

Save Customers’ Time

Give your loyal visitors the gift of no more waiting in line to order your products. They can order at their own pace and comfort. Most importantly, they can order on the go and during rush time, when their time is even more valuable.

Introducing Zeppelinium. It is brand new app optimized for one-finger, three-click order placing. Faster is only mind reading. We're working on that, but we're not quite there yet.

Connect with Your Customers

The fact there is less face-to-face communication with your customers, doesn't necessarily mean customer service value is reduced. We’ve all been forced to use cumbersome automated systems that leave us longing for human communication. Zeppelinium was built with user experience and human interaction in social networks firmly in mind. Zeppelinium enables easy, intuitive product ordering. And it opens opportunities to leverage social networks to both strengthen your product and brand and reach loyal customers with promotions and campaigns.

Zeppelinium opens opportunities to leverage social networks for your product and brand strengthening, and to reach loyal customers with promotions and campaigns.

Improve Bottom Line for Your Business

To keep afloat and delight your customers with service everyday, you have to be profitable. And the faster to greater profitablity the better.

Zeppelinium gives you the opportunity to
  • optimize real estate use by eliminating order lines,
  • increase staff efficiency by limiting task switching and eliminating lengthy, error-prone manual order taking,
  • improve customer satisfaction by eliminating waiting time.

All of these leading to higher profits.

Sales & Expenses

Limit Risk and Expenses

Making a change involves expenses and risk. As a business owner, you face the dilemma of introducing change while hoping for future benefits.

Zeppelinium takes the burden off your shoulders and makes your decision simple with these features:

  • Free to Set Up

    We do not change for standard setup of Zeppelinium for any number of locations you business has.

  • Free to Use

    We charge neither fixed nor volume-based fees for base functionality. Use Zeppelinium as much as you can, it's all free.

  • Free to Cancel

    There is no lock-in – you can cancel at any time without any fees. Just give us advance notice and we'll remove the app from the App Stores and prevent future orders.

  • Pay for Extra

    Creating an online ordering app may be overwhelming if you don't have knowledgeable people among your staff. This is where we can help – graphic design, textual content, information technology, and marketing.

Easy To Start

Setting on a course is much easier when you see clearly ahead.


Mon tue wed thu fri sat sun Mon tue wed thu fri sat sun Mon tue wed 5. Prepare rollout campaign (5 days) 6. Release the app (1 day) 7. Plan Next Steps 1. Onboard with Payment Gateway (2 days) 2. Identify Business Processes and Train Personnel (2 days) 3. Decide on menu (2 days) 4. Testing & Validation (2 days)

Zeppelinium onboarding and use is simple and transparent:

  1. Onboard with Payment Gateway
    Duration: 2 days

    We allow you set up account directly with Payment Gateway, so money goes from your customer’s account directly to your merchant account and your name will appear on your customer’s bank statements. We work with one of the largest Payment Gateways in the world, so you can have the best rates.

  2. Identify Business Processes and Train Personnel
    Duration: 2 days

    How exactly will you fulfill online orders once you receive notification from us? Do you need a separate person to manage online orders for your projected volume? These as well as many other related question have to be thought through. We can help you by sharing the experience we've gained with prior clients and adjust Zeppelinimum to better fit your needs if required.

  3. Decide on Menu
    Duration: 2 days

    We’ll need juicy pictures and mouth-watering descriptions for your food menu. If you don’t have them yet - we can help.

  4. Testing & Validation
    Duration: 2 days

    Zeppelinium will be released to a small audience (for example your team) to validate accuracy of menu and prices, and check visual appeal. This step is also a chance to test your new business processes.

  5. Prepare Rollout Campaign
    Duration: 5 days

    To get solid start, you’ll need flyers, posters, stickers for boxes, ads etc. An introductory discount would help too. We can help with marketing materials if needed.

  6. Release the App
    Duration: 1 day

    Your app will appear in App store, posters will be hanged, flyers ready etc. It is The Day.

  7. Plan Next Steps

    Build a plan for future campaigns.


We are working on self-service onboarding, meanwhile, please provide best time and phone/email to reach you and discuss your requirements.